Pray for Unity, Understanding and Love: August 21, 2017

ChurchPastor's Blog

Day flees into the west. The lengthy shadows of afternoon have long since faded. The air carries the heat of late summer’s sun. Cicadas find their voice as the evening birds take flight into the blue heaven streaked with orange. Evening has come upon the good earth. One can now be alone with one’s thoughts-and with God. To this and to much more the ancient singer lifted song to announce: “O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth.” (Psalm 8)

The beauty of this common evening stands in stark contrast to the noxious fumes of hate and division and brokenness that pollute the air of our society and of the world. Seventy-two years ago on Sunday of this week (last Sunday) Allied Forces freed the Nazi death camp at Dachau revealing to the world the depth of man’s inhumanity to humankind. Inconceivably to most, some in our free land still lift the Nazi flag and offer the Nazi salute. This allegiance supports hate, racism, and white privilege, and it is wrong in the American scene of equality and freedom for all.

Ages ago the Lord heard the cries of the Hebrew people who suffered the weight of slavery in Egypt and freed them through the sea to a new life of loyalty to God alone. The truth is that our allegiance to God and to God’s way displays a checkered past, but our God continues to stand on the side of freedom from oppression and continues to call us to a life that embraces liberty and justice for all.

Let us then pray for freedom from hate and prejudice and the promotion of racial superiority; and pray for unity, understanding, and love among all whom God has made. Let us work, then, so all may enjoy in peace the flight of the evening birds across late summer’s sky when one may be alone with one’s thoughts — and with God.

Mike Nichols