Crazy ‘Bout the Mouse — A Triumph!

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What an Outstanding Experience We Had at “Crazy ‘Bout the Mouse” Last Weekend!!!

The all-Disney musical production directed and produced by our own Courtney Stancil lifted our spirits and let us relax for a wonderful evening at church.

The outstanding accompaniment of Russ Rieger made all the singers come alive on stage. And the singers — wow! Courtney’s high students plus some of her Dallas Opera friends graced us with wonderful sounds.

Kathy Ezzell’s individually fitted costumes dazzled the eyes.

Mark Knight’s Italian fare along with freshly baked Mickey Mouse desserts and wonderful service filled us with fine food and fellowship.

And what’s more — the packed house both nights contributed more than $1,600 to the cause!

The fellowship, the photographs, the good time, and the wonderful sights and sounds provided by our tech support of Terry Gaus and Ron Darnell filled the evening with good things.

Revisit this time together through these photographs of “CRAZY ‘BOUT THE MOUSE.”

Don’t miss it next year!!!