From the Pastor: August 15, 2019

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Pastor Tom Waitschies

You’re Invited to Project 183

Greetings, Preston Hollow!

I can’t believe that I’ve been here a year. Wow, how time flies! I want to take a moment to tell you about our new “Project 183.” Research has found that although 83 percent of American adults identify themselves as Christians, only about 20 percent attend church on a given Sunday.

Preston Hollow’s newly remodeled building was not done only for us but was also done in a way that is focused on those to come. We have 183 seats available in our sanctuary to fill each Sunday for people to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. There is plenty of room for growth here.

The focus each week should be to love God, love each other, and also pray for the lost that God will fill those empty seats. Look around you as you sit in church this Sunday. Let every one of those empty seats represent someone who should be there, who would benefit from being there, and who needs to be there.

Next Sunday, August 25, 2019, has been designated by Preston Hollow “Back to Church Sunday.” I have an encouraging message planned, Russ has inspirational music, and we have the best barbecue in Texas planned after church. Just bring a side dish and a friend!

In a study of 15,000 Americans, LifeWay Research found that 67 percent say a personal invitation from a family member would be effective in getting them to visit a church, while 56 percent say an invitation from a friend or neighbor would likely move them to respond.

Join us with your prayers, financial support, and look for opportunities to invite your friends and family to the United Methodist Church of Preston Hollow!

Proud to be your Pastor,
Dr. Tom Waitschies