‘Hold On’ Advent 3: December 11, 2016


The Season of Advent

For the Third Sunday of Advent, on December 11, 2016, our message will be “Hold On.” In preparation, I offer this psalm written by Micah J. Murray, a postmodern writer. Rend the Heavens (A Psalm for Advent) Oh that you would rend the heavens and come down! (That’s what the church people say on the first Sunday of advent) Light a candle and burn it all the way down and yet the darkness remains Oh that you would rend the inky blackness and crash into this ice cold planet in an explosion of light again How long oh Lord? How long oh Lord? How long oh Lord? Forget this stuff, oh Lord. This is my tired advent prayer. Forget this … Read More

All Saints Sunday Celebration: November 6, 2016


All Saints Sunday

Sunday, November 6, 2016, brings the high and holy celebration of All Saints Sunday. The word “saint,” used here in the New Testament sense, refers to the “followers of the Way,” that is, the followers of Christ. On All Saints Day, always November 1, 2016, and on All Saints Sunday, the first Sunday following November 1, we remember those followers of Christ who have passed from this life and especially those who have joined the Church Triumphant during the year since last All Saints Day. This year we honor the lives of Gabriel Olquin, Betty Johnson, Toya Thompson, Mary Irene Winniford, and Sue Greenwade. A memorial lantern will be placed on the altar in memory of each of these as … Read More

Pulpit Echo: October 25, 2016


Pastor Mike Nichols

October 23, 2016: Surprising grace pardons our sin when we are honest with God. Luke 18:9-14 October 16, 2016: Persistence in prayer signals our faith in God and our usefulness to God. Luke 18:1-8 Please ponder these messages and be faithful in your prayers. Pray for our Sunday services, for our church’s witness and mission, for the terrible conditions in war-torn areas of our planet, and pray for peace in our nation in this time of the national election.

Prayer-Communion with God


Prayer Vigil

Are You Praying? In last Sunday’s sermon, I invited all to begin the habit of daily prayer. Prayer is not a transaction with God over the things that concern us. Rather, prayer is communion with God. It is developing a relationship with God. It is opening your heart to God and asking for God’s abiding presence in your life. Before you go to sleep tonight, spend some time with God like you would with a trusted, loving friend. Share with God what is in your heart. Simply be in God’s presence and let God come to you. Prayer will renew your life. Your prayers are important to you, but your prayers are also important to God. Seek, ask for, and … Read More

Worship Service: October 23, 2016


Anticipate and Expect; God Will Meet You! This coming Sunday, October 23, 2016, we shall continue our exploration of Luke’s gospel and will use Luke 18:9-14 as our focus. Read the passage in advance and pray for all of our ears to be opened to what God is saying there. I also ask you to pray for our Sunday service on October 23, 2016, and to be present for our church’s worship. Approach Sunday worship with a spirit of anticipation and expectation. Count on God’s being present in our worship. Make sure you are there so you can receive what God is offering to you. Come anticipating that something spiritually important will happen in our congregation. When you pray for … Read More